Greetings from New Zealand. Is this your general chat page? (Some wikicities create a project:watercooler or project:coffeebar for community discussion and announcements.)

You will see a few edits from me. Filled some gaps in your category structure, which should make navigation easier as well as helping you to see how best to standardise page names.

You really should find all the pages that are copied from Wikipedia and add the template:enWP to them for proper acknowledgment (while removing the interwikis at the bottom). See Help:Contents.

OK, I know you had all of those things in mind and might have done some this year or in 2006. Now you may be able to do some of them sooner and more easily.

I may return, especially if invited.

Kind regards - Robin Patterson 11:53, 14 Dec 2005 (UTC)

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