Sud (English: South) is one of the ten departments of Haiti. It has an area of 2,794 sq km (1,079 sq mi) and a population of 745,000 (2002). Its capital is Les Cayes.


Map of the South department


Sud departmental flag

Sud (English: South) is a department on the southern peninsula of Haiti. Borders are the Caribbean Sea to its south, the Jamaica Channel to its west; Grande Anse and Nippes to its north; and Sud-Est to its east. The province's capital and largest city is Les Cayes. Among its occasional nicknames are Aux Cayes, and Kreyol: Okay. The state is named after the compass direction in relation to the country's center of government, Port-au-Prince.

Originally part of Jaragua, Southern Haiti is known to be the most laid-back region of the country, home to its Caribbean coast, remote beach towns, both of the country's only two national parks, and the popular tourist spot of Jacmel.

Southern Haiti's western half, the Sud Department, ranks 5th in land area and is the third most populated department in Haiti with 627, 311 inhabitants (2003 estimate).

Geography Edit

The department is divided into 5 arrondissements:

  1. Aquin Arrondissement
  2. Les Cayes Arrondissement
  3. Les Chardonnières Arrondissement
  4. Les Côteaux Arrondissement
  5. Port-Salut Arrondissement----

Sud has an area of 1,079 square miles (2,794 sq km) and is slightly smaller than Rhode Island. It is the 5th largest province and has the third highest population.


Physical regions of Sud

Sud possesses a variety of within its borders



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