Rivière Torcelle is a 12.0-mile-long (20 km) river in the commune of Cabaret, located in the Western Department of Haiti.

Riv Torcelle

Map of the Rivière Torcelle, highlighted in purple

The Torcelle River lies to the northwest of Port-au-Prince and flows approximately parallel to the Rivière Bretelle. The river flows from the base of Chaîne des Matheux and travels through the Cabaret communities of Fond-Blonde, Casale, and Sophie. The river crosses into Cabaret's Boucassin section, paralleling Route 115, toward the Cabaret Town Center. The river passes under Route Nationale 1 into the coastal area, draining into the Port-au-Prince Bay.


During storms, the Torcelle River overflows and floods the town of Cabaret. It's main part is caught in the vice between the overflows of this river located to its west and the Bretelle River located to its east. During the passage of this Hurricane Ike, in 2008, the Rivière Torcelle swept everything from the territory of the village of Fond-Blonde where the river has its source

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