Haiti Local is a web-based travel municipal guide project based on the wiki model, launched by Mack Daniel in 2016. The site is a multidisciplinary effort that aims to cover all of the country's cities, towns, and subdivisions. This site is mainly centered around the Geography of Haiti.

In 2019, the site was expanded and later included DR-Local, a separate site that explores the localities of DR.

Who, what, when, where, and why

Who: The intended audience are members of the diaspora who know little about the country, other than the 1804 independence and the delicious food. Diaspora means people that trace their contemporary ancestry to Haiti.

What: I was once a member of the target audience. I naturally assumed I knew what there was to know about Haiti

The Adopt-a-Commune program is a promotional campaign undertaken to encourage volunteers to keep a community free from litter. In exchange for regular litter removal, an organization (such as a non-profit) is allowed to import goods from the section of the communities they maintain.

"It is one of those places American media tells you not to go to because they want you to be scared and keep your moustache like that" -Russell Peters

What is the ethnic composition of Haiti?


African American Haitians

Arab Haitians

Chinese Haitians

French Haitians

German Haitians

Indian Haitians

Italian Haitians

Jewish Haitians

Mulatto Haitians

Polish Haitians

Spanish Haitians

White Haitians

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