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Montrouis (Pop. 18,419) is the fourth communal section of Arcahaie, a coastal city in Haiti. Located in the department of Artibonite, south of Saint-Marc, Montrouis is one of the most important beach tourism destinations in Haiti, with several well renowned hotels and resorts, including the Moulin-sur-Mer. The town is located on the Côtes des Arcadins (Arcadian Coast), one of Haiti's longest stretches of pure white sand beaches. It is also an exceptional place for sailing and fishing.



Coastal town of Montrouis aerial view


Colorful home in Montrouis, Haiti

Located on the western side of the Hispaniola Island, Montrouis is right in the heart of the Arcadian coast or the Cotes-des-Arcadins. The coast is made of long beaches of white sands and is considered among the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a perfect hideout for tourists who want to spend some time in the lap of natural beauty that looks surreal and those who love fishing and sailing. Cotes-des-Arcadins is known for its three exotic beaches that provide a very pleasing climate and beautiful scenic beauty in the Caribbean region.

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Arcadian Coast (Côte des Arcadins), Haiti


Arcadian Coast, Haiti



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A room at the Royal Decameron Indigo Resort

Cotes-des-Arcadins is also the home for a beautiful and extensive coral reef that has attracted tourists for years but today, the fate of the reef looks glooming and dead because of excessive fishing in the area. Montrouis is Haiti's most popular tourist spot with a number of resorts and hotels that definitely convert Montrouis in a paradise for vacationers. The beach line stretches up to 15 kilometers housing over 6 world-class hotels.

Economy and infrastructure

President Michel Martelly met the tourism industry stakeholders in Cotes-des-Arcadins. This meeting was aimed towards fostering collaboration between the stakeholders and the government to improve the industry of tourism in Haiti because this industry is the untapped economic resource that can actually help Haiti to get out of its poverty. In return to this plea, the President met with some grievances like rubble and garbage dumping in the region, illegal constructions and insurmountable traffic because of bad roads.

Both parties decided to work together on improving infrastructure for communication and transport, preservation of Montrouis' bio-diversity along with other aspects that can help the tourism industry to grow in Montrouis.

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Map of the Montrouis CDP


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Map of the Montrouis communal section

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