Gros-Morne (Kreyol: Gwo Mòn) is a rural city in the Gros-Morne Arrondissement, in the Artibonite department of Haiti. It has 37,139 inhabitants (2010). Gros-Morne is a rural city in Haiti. Its name means "Big Mountain."
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Location in Haiti

Gros-Morne is not just a town in Haiti's Gros-Morne Arrondissement. It is the entire arrondisement's capital and it is part of the country's Artibonite Department. It spans 397 square kilometers and is located 175 kilometers from the north of the national capital of Port-au-Prince. Gros-Morne is split into 8 sections: Boucan Richard, Riviere Mancelle, Riviere Blanche, l'Acul, Pendu, Savane Carree, Moulin, and Ravine Gros-Morne.


Gros-Morne, commune of the department of Artibonite formerly bore the name of Cité Poltron. The date of its elevation to the rank of commune remains unknown. Its dominant relief is the mountains and its climate varies from fresh to hot depending on the period. The population of Gros-Morne was estimated at 91,349 inhabitants in 1998 and reached over 150,000 in 2015. With an area of <1 square mile (2.12 km2), its urban core has a density of is 46,424 inhabitants per sq mile (17,518 inhabitants / km2).

Gros-Morne offers a beautiful view and atmosphere, thanks to its green mountains and geographical zone. People can clearly see the mountains covered in fog, which makes the view more exciting and fun.

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View of Gros-Morne


Aerial of Gros-Morne, at the northern terminus of Route Nationale 5, highlighted in red


Regarding the Economic and Financial Institutions, four restaurants and a credit union were counted at Gros-Morne.

While road construction is a huge challenge for Gros-Morne, the town keeps up when it comes to agriculture. Most of the residents work as farmers and they mainly produce cassavas, cotton, and coffee.

Gros-Morne is famous for its production of the "Madame Francis" mango. The local economy relies on the mango francisque, in spite of the limited means of transport, on the market gardening, as well as on the production of coffee and cotton. The subsoil is mined and produces manganese, bauxite and copper.

The town also hosts a number of tree nurseries and it has a forest guardian to ensure that the area is protected and preserved.


However, Gros-Morne is dealing with many challenges. The town lacks adequate water, electricity and sewerage facilities. It does not differ much from other rural towns where roads are damaged and communications with neighboring communities are very difficult to make. The road conditions in Gros-Morne are poor. During heavy rains, the roads are unusable.

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The Ministry of National Education of Youth and Sports is represented in the commune of Gros-Morne by a school inspection office. The manager is a regional inspector responsible for coordinating the activities of the ministry. The distribution of schools is three kindergarten; at the primary level, eleven public, numerous private and six congregational. At secondary level, there is one public school, six private and two congregational.


The Ministry of Public Health and Population is not represented in the commune of Gros-Morne. Regarding health facilities, there is a hospital, a health center without a bed and two dispensaries. In addition, four physicians, a dentist, seven nurses, 37 auxiliaries, eight laboratory technicians and a radiologist provide the sanitary service at the communal level.


Regarding Electricity, the City of Gros-Morne is electrified.


The municipality has a court of peace and a police station. There is no prison in this commune.



With regard to Religion, nearly 73 temples of all beliefs have been enumerated in the commune of Gros-Morne. These faiths are: Catholic, Episcopal, Baptist, Adventist, and Jehovah's Witness. The number of Catholic temples is better represented at 43% of the total.


There are different programs being launched in the town. Some of the programs aim to provide better health services to residents, while others are meant to address the drinking water supply problems in the town.

With regard to political parties and organizations, only ten grassroots organizations and six peasant groups were counted at the commune of Gros Morne.


Gros-Morne has several radio stations and two television channels (tele La Chandeleur ch5 and tele Celeste ch9). Francisque 98.9fm above Horizon is the oldest established media (founded 10 September 1994), and Radio Sfm 92.1 is the most recent one (founded in February 2015).


As for Leisure, there is no library, museum, theater nor cinema. Eight gagueres were listed in the commune. For other types of entertainment, eight soccer pitches (non-regulation) and one basketball court were counted.

As far as cultural heritage is concerned, there are no monuments and sites in Gros-Morne commune.



GMO Gros-Morne 159,692
VDS Ville de Gros-Morne Urban 37,139
BRD 1ère Section Boucan-Richard Rural 7,961 Bigo, Boucan-Richard, Cadette, Canal, Cazimir, Charles, Fond-Frais, Guimbi, La Bonne, La Fortune, La Rate, La Source, Lourou, Mahotière, Source-Coulée, Source-Courte
RVM 2ème Section Rivière-Mancelle Rural 31,587 Barrière Battant, Corail, Cressac, Espéri, Figaro, Fond-Mars, Gommier, Grand-Croix, Lambert, La Source, Martin, Nan Bareau, Nan Besoin, Nan Campêche, Nan Chateau, Nan Cote, Nan Philippe, Roche-Filée.
RVB 3ème Section Rivière-Blanche Rural section 36,026 Amuscat, Canifice, Forge, Grande-Place, Haut-Morne, Lagon-Brunette, La Quois, Nan Lagon, Nan Pangnol, Nan Susette, Passe-Crébété, Platon-Bontemps, Rivière Blanche, Savanne-Pomme, Ti Fond-Pelletier, Ti Jardin
ACU 4ème Section L'Acul Rural 17,774 Apollon, Barrière-Batant, Biscaye, Chabe, La Rue, Motobant, Nan Mapou, Nan Paul, Nan Pierrette, Nan Savonnette, Saut-Biscagne, Savane-Carrée, Savane-Longue, Ti David, Treuil, Verneuil
PDU 5ème Section Pendu Rural 11,483 Bréa, Caimite, Carrefour Lalandre, Cocagne, Descambe, Dumas, Nan Donna, Nan Joye, Pendu, Reche, Tricote.
SCA 6ème Section Savane-Carrée Rural 19,543 Barateau, Bas-la-Source, Bauvoir, Benjamin, Bernado, Bien-Aimé, Bizard-Nicole, Ca Mars, Cantave, Casoin, Chaise, Corose, David, Dieujuste, Digoterie, Doncor, Dos d'Ane, Duncan, Dupuy, Fond-Duroc, Fond-Zombi, Grande-Plaine, Herbes-à-Flèches, Janvier, Jolivert, La Boulée, La Boutique, Lacorne, La Croix, La Pucelle, Latanier, L'Etable, Léveillé, Mayo, Nan Couman, Nan François, Nan Franger, Sapotille, Savane-Carée, Savane-Larate, Songe, Souqui, Ti Davis, Viard.
MLN 7ème Section Moulin Rural 11,483 Agelaroua, Baden, Bellevue, Boutin, Ca Jean, Ca Martin, Cammon, Dosny, Duchabre, Du Charbe, Faguet, Grépin, Labatte, Laroi, Lormant, Méron, Moulin, Opet, Tache, Ti Fond, Ti Moulin.
RGM 8ème Section Ravine Gros-Morne Rural 19,543 Bois-Debout, Boulo, Boyer, Ca Matin, Chacho, Chatelain, Décossière, Dougoudou, Figuier, Fond-Ibo, Guerin, Lianne, Macabon, Macaque, Nan Matin, Nan Pont, Pérou, Ti Guinée, Trois-Poteaux, Trope, Vintin.
Gros Morne Map

Communal Map of Gros-Morne

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