Des Vases is the third communal section of Arcahaie, Haiti.


Built around a rural school, the third rural section of the town of Arcahaie, district of Port au Prince, stretches between Arcahaie Village and Willamson military post. This military post is part of this section.

The Arcadins are situated opposite des Vases at a short distance. There is also Meratte. The Vases River waters the territory of the rural section and empties onto the shore. The rural chapel is dedicated to Sainte-Anne.


• In 1791, the Vases plantation had already stirred against slavery.

• On March 22, 1792, Lapointe lifted the plantations in this area against the French in favor of the English.

• In 1802, Larose, the leader of the native insurgents of the Mornes de l'Arcahaie, tempered Arcahaie on the French, and came to camp at the edge of the Vases, whose plantations were to consecrate the colonists and retire in the heights.

• In January 1803, at the approach of Dessalines, Larose, saw himself abandoned his soldiers, retired to des Vases and burned all the plantations.

• In 1807. when Pétion marched from Port-au-Prince against Christophe in the North, he established the vanguard of his army on the Saintard habitation. Of note is the Chapel Sainte-Anne.

• In February 1807, Des Vases was pillaged and burned by Christophe because Pétion had taken possession of it. Nowhere more than in Des Vases, the culture of food is better practiced, independently of the beautiful plantations of canes that exist there.


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3e Des Vases

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1re Boucassin 1219 Michael Vedrine

Map of 3e Des Vases


Arcahaie Post Office. The post going to St.Marc passes des Vases on Sunday morning.

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