Bourdet is a communal section in the Southern Department of Haiti. It is the first communal section of Les Cayes.

Neighboring sections

Northwest RN7 Michael Vedrine 610a
2e Fonfrède
Northeast RN2 Michael Vedrine 610
4e Laurent

2e Bérault, TOB

1re Bourdet
Les Cayes
6e Boulmier
Southwest Michael vedrine 708 Route 25
1re Bourry,
Ave. des Quatre Chemins
Ville des Cayes
Caribbean Sea

QC 11052018 uber Michael Vedrine

Carrefour Quarte-Chemins


• The Vernet habitation was put on sale by the law of November 7, 1812 for the creation of a national currency. Vernet was Minister of Finance and Interior of Dessalines.

• On May 1, 1862, General Salomon, the eldest, left the Castel-Pére habitation with some of his own to go to Léle of the Carrefour Canon camp, where his co-religionists were going. He came back in the evening by the path called "Abandonne Gerard".


Bourdet is located in the southwesternmost corner of Les Cayes municipality.


Code Name Population Places
BDT Bourdet 18,351 Agard, Bambou, Bois l'Etat, Bourdet, Branda, Carrefour Calumette, Carrefour des Quatre-Chemins, Carrefour Deux-Mapou, Castel-Pére, Cayajant, Charpentier, Coquette, Corbillère, Croix-Matyre, Danton, Dutruche, Fogas, Gelée, La Croix, La Gaudray, Leroux, Longue-Fosse, Marsay, Piloge, Reynaud, Vernet.

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